International students need to know these two words before choosing health insurance

Insurance for international students (also known as留学生保险) in the United States is mandatory. The school will require students to buy medical insurance and international students to be vaccinated (also known as留学生疫苗接种) before enroll. If you have bad teeth and may see a dentist in the United States (also known as美国看牙), you’d better buy dental insurance in the United States (also known as美国牙医保险), because see a dentist in the United States (also known as美国看牙医) is much more expensive than in China. This is easy to understand, because the university hopes to ensure the safety of international students during their study in the university without any trouble to the university. There are many kinds of medical insurance for us to choose from, some of which are suitable for overseas students, such as Huhu insurance(also known as虎虎保险). So what should we consider before buying insurance?

One of the first words that international students should understand: Deductible in insurance refers to the starting amount and percentage of insurance beneficiaries who want to pay for their own pockets. Many domestic students are confused about this clause. If the Deductible cost of a medical insurance plan is $500, the significance is not to give the insurance beneficiary $500, but the first $500 of each medical expenditure is paid by the insurance beneficiary itself, beyond the scope of $500, whether it is $10 or $100 will go as a percentage of the normal health insurance plan.

Another word is Co-Payment Percentage, which refers to the Percentage of payments apportionment by insurance beneficiaries in outpatient service and medicine collection, which is a fixed small amount of Payment and occurs every time of medical treatment and medicine collection (sometimes collected during medical treatment, sometimes collected in later medical insurance bills). Deductible the essential difference between co-pay and Deductible is that the former will not be deducted into the premium, and will not be Deductible. The latter will be part of the insurance amount, Deductible size will directly affect the amount of premium and the level of Deductible.