Seek Admission in Best International School to Uplift your Child’s Confidence

An International school helps in promoting international language and provide international environment even to native children. These schools are meant for children who aren’t from the host country. Foreign embassies, international businesses or missionary programs are some of the organizations that have staff from international countries and don’t want their children to stay away from their native culture. However, many local children also study in these international schools to learn different languages and culture. It helps them in building confidence and opens their door of employment in other countries.

Thailand has around 166 renowned international schools but one school that is different from others is the Panyaden international school. It provides holistic education that contains principles of Buddhism. Every Thai culture and education remains the same but, being a global school, it also provides British curriculum. The school teaches both in Thai and English language which means each class has English and Thai teachers.

Since we were aware about this school, we gave you the information but, there are many parents who are new to the nation and are seeking advice for their kids. Here are few steps that you can follow to get a good global school for your kid –

  • Select an institution that is accredited by CIS and NEASC. Such schools have curriculum up to the standard of required education level.
  • If school is accredited then a student can get transfer to the college where they’re studying. For example, studying in American school gives you benefit to enter in American college.

  • The school that you selected for your kid should be affiliated by the state council of Education. This forces them to follow certain standard of education.
  • If teachers get paid well, they are happy and interact with students nicely also, their attrition rate is less. This leaves a huge impact on school’s reputation because if teachers are unhappy, students wouldn’t be treated well, they will lose confidence and there will be more failures.
  • The best way to find if school believes in maintaining their reputation is by going though their website. A reputable school will always update their website with latest calendar events, activities and meetings.
  • Always ask your guide to show the school properly by taking you to every corner and explaining you what all activities, culture and traditions are followed there. This way you can see students doing their daily tasks and find if they are happy about it.

A school should be updated with the latest books in library and advance technology. Highly advanced versions of books and technology uplift your child’s brain.